About Us

Homeland Industrial Supply is committed to serving the needs of our customers with the most effective, safe, and environmentally responsible products on the market today. We are passionate about creating partnerships that bring value to our customer, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Donna King
President, CEO
Donna has successfully worked in the Industrial Chemical space for over 15 years in both a sales role and leadership position. Her focus has always been on putting the needs of customers first. She now is committed to creating a culture at Homeland Industrial Supply where an exceptional customer experience is at the core of everything we do.

Patrick King
Chief Operations Officer
Patrick has been in executive leadership positions with a variety of companies over the last 20 years, and brings a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, and distribution strategies. He, like Donna, is passionate about creating a culture at Homeland Industrial Supply that benefits customers, employees, vendor partners, and the communities we serve.

Sally Soul Space
Chief Cultural Officer                                                                                                  Sally Young is a reiki master, life coach, mentor, and meditation teacher who has helped women make the transition to live, feel and love from the heart for over 20 years. Sally has helped people awaken to their best possible lives and enlist their full potential through coaching, certification programs, reiki consults, women empowerment circles, and more.  Sally’s vision is to empower transformation in the world by helping people to take charge of their mind, emotions and energy.

Dana SlakoffDana Slakoff
Vice-President Product Development
Dana has successfully worked in the industrial chemical industry for over 6 years. She is dedicated and loyal to her clients and fellow colleagues. Customer service and satisfaction is her main focus. Her goal is to bring homeland to the next level.

Raygan Hunt
Regional Sales Manager

Michelle Ervin
Regional Sales Manager