Bug Beads

BugBand Insect Repellent Bead Bags contain a high concentration of Geraniol, which is released slowly to form a protective vapor barrier in a given area. The highly concentrated plastic fragrance beads are packed in an Air Flow Bag made of nylon mesh, which contains the beads but allows air to pass freely.

Ideal for use in fan cabinets near food serving areas where sprays cannot be used or in air vents to disperse the vapors into a room (also cars, trucks or buses). For window or wall air conditioners attach to center of clean air filter. In autos, trucks, airplanes and buses, place bags under seats, in air circulating systems and in ashtrays. At campsites place the Air Flow Bags in tents and campers. Place the bags on screened porches, patios and other outdoor enclosures. Use around pet bedding areas and kennels and anywhere insect repelling is desired.

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