One Shot

One-Shot is a unique sulfuric acid drain opener. Clears clogged drains and waste lines. Disintegrates paper, rags, sanitary napkins, lime and scale deposits, food scraps and other organic matter. Melts grease quickly.
Manufactured from concentrated virgin sulfuric acid. Contains protective corrosion inhibitors and quick activating agents. Will not harm septic tanks, cesspools, drainage fields or leaching systems when properly used.
One-Shot is perfect for emergency jobs involving removal of organic waste in schools, hospitals, motels, hotels, clubs, apartment & office buildings, plants & factories, public buildings, restaurants, institutions, farms, camps, and homes.
There are three features of One-Shot that make this product special.

  1. The Odor Blanket – A layer of solvent stays on top of the sulfuric acid at all times. This solvent limits the odors that you get when working with most sulfuric acid drain pipe openers. The “blanket” makes working with the product much more pleasant.
  2. The Chaser – Sulfuric acid will not dissolve styrofoam, certain plastics and other polymeric materials. The solvents in the odor blanket dissolve these materials. These solvents act as a “chaser” to get the materials that the sulfuric acid leaves behind. This makes One-Shot a superior drain pipe opener.
  3. The One-Shot Application – Packed in a pint container for a one-shot application.  With most sulfuric acids the product is packaged in quart, 1/2 gallon and gallon containers.  This means when the product is used there is usually some acid left in the container.  This creates a serious problem and there is a chance of spillage.  With One-Shot you use the entire bottle at once and have no chance of spillage.

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