Twister – Granular Drain Opener & Maintainer


Twister contains unique citrus scented granules that clean and maintain drains. This thermo-chemical drain line opener and maintainer destroys the main causes of slow moving and blocked drains (hair, soap scum & slime); therefore, it eliminates many other debris from also becoming tangled, matted, and trapped. Simple and safe to use in pipes 2” or less. pH 14

USE ON • Sinks • Bathtubs • Showers • Urinals • Water Fountains • Floor Drains • X-ray Sinks

USE FOR • Hair Clogs • Grease • Soap Scum • Uric Salts • Cold Water Slime

Directions for Use: Remove any excess water. Hold container at arm’s length and add one capful of twister. Slowly trickle water into drain. Let stand for 60-90 seconds. Repeat until drain is free-flowing. Then flush well with water. Never position head over drain opening. DO NOT USE HOT WATER OR OTHER CHEMICALS WITH THIS PRODUCT