Destroy Malodor Neutralizer

Malodor Neutralizer

  • Concentrated formula that eliminates airborne odors and neutralizes the most offensive odor problems.
  • Encapsulates the odor molecules and chemically neutralizes them.
  • A single spray of this powerful concentrate neutralizes malodors for up to 24 hours.
  • Provides a wide range of possible applications due to its effective 3-way action: As a space spray, as a contact spray, and as an evaporative deodorizer.

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SKU Size Variations
ADMBH12 12×1 pints Beach House
ADMA12 12×1 pints Crisp Apple
ADML21 12×1 pints Linen
ADMM10 12×1 pints Mango
ADMMR5 12×1 pints Margarita

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