RTV Red Hi-Temp

Instant Silicone Gasket Maker

  • Single component, room temperature vulcanizing silicone.
  • When applied as a form-in-place gasket, it reacts with moisture in the air and cures to a rubber-like product.
  • This product will not sag or shrink and is impervious to temperature extremes up to 650 degrees F.
  • 100% RTV Silicone.
  • Industrial strength.
  • Caulks around tubs, sinks, showers.
  • Temperature range from -60°F to 650°F. Insulates electrical components.
  • Seals around windows, doors, walls.
  • Binds most materials, similar or dissimilar (glass, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, ceramics, etc.).

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RTVRD1 6×1 Case


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